Trials and Testing

From Bishop Jemmott’s book, Words of Encouragement: Book One

Endurance is the ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. The key to becoming a great athlete is to have endurance. A runner needs to develop endurance in order to become a successful runner. Every athlete regardless of his or her sport needs to develop endurance, either physical, mental or both.

Believers also need to develop endurance. The Bible says, “For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.” Hebrews 10:36 (NASB) A believer does not learn endurance going to the gym and working out; we learn how to endure by the various trials and testing we experienced.

Trials and testing are meant to teach us how to endure and grow to maturity. As you grow to maturity, you will learn how to endure. As you endure, you will succeed and not fail or give up during your season of trials and testing. How you deal with trials and testing will also display your growth, maturity and progress in the faith.

“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.”
James 1:3 (NASB)

Be Blessed,

Bishop Jemmott

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