The Spiritual Ironman® Council of Pastors


The purpose of The Spiritual Ironman® Council of Pastors (SIM-COP) is to provide a safe haven, a support network through connection, fellowship, encouragement, restoration. To become a think-tank research center for the equipping of pastors/clergy for effective pastoral ministry.

Mission Statement:
In a world of negotiable values, confused identities, distorted priorities, and pastors leaving ministries at an alarming rate, our mission is to provide an environment where clergy members can foster relationships that will hold them accountable, and encourage them to ignite or rekindle their passion and love for pastoral ministry.

To create an environment where pastors/clergy can be themselves, walk in their calling, and be who God has created them to be. It is a place where we can lay down our denominational, ethnic and cultural differences, and gather together as brothers and sisters with one common purpose! To sharpen one another: “Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NASB)

To provide support by praying for one another so that in this moment of unprecedented opportunity we can make a difference for our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God wants to use The Spiritual Ironman® Council of Pastors as a spark in His hand to ignite a passion for the ministry and the Word of God.

Meeting Format:
Knowing the demands of pastoral ministries, events and activities for SIM-COP will be prayerfully and carefully planned. Our goal is to enrich the life and ministry of those involved.

If you are interested in joining The Spiritual Ironman® Council of Pastors, please call 855-JEMMOTT or send an email to

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