Skeletons in Your Closet

Whenever you take a stand for what is right, those who don’t like your stance will try to find something about your personal life or character to attack and bring you down, especially when you take a stand for righteousness. Chances of attacks increase when you don’t adhere or support certain popular beliefs, which are contrary to biblical teachings. Some individuals who are unable to stop you will resort to digging into your past looking for skeletons in your closet.

The prophet Daniel is a great example of someone who lived a life without compromising his beliefs or his integrity. When King Darius appointed 120 men to govern his kingdom, Daniel was one of 120. The text says, that Daniel distinguishes himself above the rest, “But Daniel, brimming with spirit and intelligence, so completely outclassed the other viceregents and governors that the king decided to put him in charge of the whole kingdom.” Daniel 6:3 (MSG)

Because these men could not surpass Daniel in intellect, and they could not control or bribe him, they resorted to another tactic – let’s tarnish his name and reputation. They made a conscious decision to look into his background for something to use against him. They definitely did not want Daniel to rule over them.

“The vice- regents and governors got together to find some old scandal or skeleton in Daniel’s life that they could use against him, but they couldn’t dig up anything. He was totally exemplary and trustworthy. They could find no evidence of negligence or misconduct.” Daniel 6:4 (MSG)

Men and women of God, we all have skeletons in our closet! Every single one of us have done some things we are not proud of. Thank God for forgiveness, redemption, sanctification and grace. Having confessed a skeleton is one thing, but having an un-confessed skeleton we are trying to hide can be damaging. As people who have charge over the lives of others we need to be like Daniel, “but they couldn’t dig up anything.” If something is confessed, it’s not buried; it may be a skeleton, but it’s not in the closet.

The best defense against diggers is confession and transparency. If you have a skeleton in your closet deal with it now, get help don’t just ignore it. It will not quietly disappear; eventually someone will dig it up, shine a light on it, and use it against you.

I pray that you will have the courage to face your skeleton and deal with it. The one who will benefit most from this confrontation is you.

Be Blessed!

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