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Proverbs 21:31 MSG
“Do your best, prepare for the worst–then trust GOD to bring victory.”

These words sound like the words of a politician, but the politician could simply replace “trust in God” with “trust in the voters”.

Ministry is about excellence. Anything we do for God should be done in a spirit of excellence. God wants us to always do our best. Our preaching should be the best, not some sermon quickly prepared 15 minutes before we preach. Our giving should be exemplary we should always be first. Our love should be unconditional.

Times are challenging and as we give our best, we must also be prepared for any kind of situation we may suddenly face. We must have a plan on how to stay afloat should we encounter financial hardship. We must, I repeat must, be prepared for Judas who shares our table.

After all this, we must according to the scriptures, “Trust GOD to bring victory“. Remember there are some battles that only God can win.

Do your best, stay prepared and God will give you the victory!

Be Blessed!

Bishop Roberto Jemmott

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