Remove the Blockage

Have you ever had to deal with a clogged sink? Well, sinks become clogged when you allow the wrong things like food, hair or grease to go pass the drain. The only way to un-clog it is to remove the blockage from the drain. If the blockage is not removed, the sink does not function properly, and eventually backs up into the house, creating a greater problem.

Your ears are the drain to your soul. If you allow people to speak garbage in your ears, you will become like the clogged sink. Your life will become stagnant and clogged; overflowing mess into your life. You will also fail to go to the next level, unable to function the way God created you to be.

As with Lazarus, Jesus could not call him out of the grave until the blockage was removed. “Roll the stone aside.” John 11:39 (NLT) In other words, you need to unclog the drain to your soul before the Lord can speak into your life. You need to release the bitterness, hurt, disappointment and yes, the anger. Only then will you be able to move to your destiny. It’s time to roll aside every blockage in your life, and allow the Word of God to deliver you.

Remember, like the clogged sink, you cannot receive fresh Word when your ears are clogged with negativity.

Be Blessed,

Bishop Jemmott

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