Why Believers Should Trust God

From Bishop Jemmott’s first book The Bishop’s Pen:

“Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the trapper; The snare is broken and we have escaped.

(Psalm 124:7)

One blazing hot summer day, I was riding the subway train trying to keep cool from the heat of the day. To my surprise, there was a bird flying in the subway car. Please don’t ask me how that bird got into the subway car. Somehow this little bird made a wrong turn into the subway station and to further complicate matters it took another wrong turn and entered into the subway car. The bird’s predicament was that it could fly, but its flight was limited to the subway car. Please understand that the subway car was not the element the bird was designed to live in. There were no branches on which it could perch on and no trees where it could find rest. People in the subway car were fleeing from the bird, yet others were trying to swat it, while others were trying to kick it. As time passed, the little bird settled in a corner of the car floor and it seemed like the end had come for this little bird that was tired and afraid. How could the little bird survive outside of its element, with no food and nowhere to fly?

When it seemed that the bird could not survive, a young lady sitting close to the bird, took some soft tissue out of her bag and cautiously picked up the bird with her hands. She covered the bird with her hands and the tissue to keep the bird calm, and as the train came to a stop, she got up from her seat and walked out of the train station and released the little bird.

Like this little bird, you may have made wrong turns in your life. It could have been a failed marriage, a business failure, loss of income, or imprisonment and now you feel trapped. Life has not been good to you; you are laying in a corner tired and ready to give in to your circumstances. You have tried to escape only to have people flee from you when you needed them most or they try to bring you down to their level. Yes, some people who you trusted and believed that they could be there for you are now kicking and walking all over you. As it was for this bird, there seems to be no escape from your predicament.

Beloved, there is hope. Like the young lady who reached for the trapped bird, God is reaching for you. Hear the Word of the Lord:

Those who go to God Most High for safety will be protected by the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety and protection. You are my God and I trust you.” God will save you from hidden traps and from deadly diseases…The Lord says, “Whoever loves me, I will save. I will protect those who know me. They will call to me, and I will answer them. I will be with them in trouble; I will rescue them and honor them. I will give them a long, full life, and they will see how I can save.” (Ps. 91:1-3;14-16 NCV)

The Bible promises that God will “protect” and “lead to safety” every believer who places his trust in Him. His hands are reaching for you now.

Be Blessed,

Bishop Jemmott

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